Securing critical application(s) and data is crucial for every organization. New techniques and methodologies are being developed every day to steal your mission critical information to perform illegitimate activities. In spite of the best of the infrastructure, attackers are able to break into your network and steal critical data resulting into financial and credibility loss for your organization.

Application developers be it your own in-house developers or COTS application developers, are under constant pressure to deliver projects on time. In order to meet these deadlines importance to a secure application design is overlooked, which may lead to vulnerabilities. Moreover, the functional requirements keep changing based on your business needs, which may introduce additional security flaws.

To deal with this situation, you need Threat Modelling built into your design an exercise carried out from an attacker's perspective to discover, enumerate, and prioritize potential threats (security flaws). The purpose of this exercise is to provide your developers with a systematic analysis of the probable attack profiles the most likely attack vectors, and the assets most desired by an attacker.

" 92% of web applications have security flaws or weaknesses that can be exploited "

" 38 The average number of days it took to patch a web application vulnerability regardless of severity "

Service Overview

Zeronsec helps your organization to protect critical information residing in your enterprise applications by discovering security flaws in poorly designed applications connected with authentication systems, API interfaces, middleware systems and databases. We carry out this exercise in a structured application threat modeling approach by collaborating with customer to understand the exact goal before we kick-off.

" $3.8M The cost of average data breach to companies worldwide as per Juniper research "

Why Zeronsec?

Our consultants are subject matter experts (SMEs) in cyber security and have a complete understanding of both existing and emerging threat actors and their changing tactics, techniques and procedures at large. They have years of hands-on experience in systems, networks, and software sengineering. Besides this, they have operational insights gained from helping our customers from various industry verticals. These consultants are trained and qualified information security professionals, who have turned their passion about information security into a career.

Our Approch

Value For The Customer

Better visibility of threat landscape
Increased application reliability
Inputs for defining application firewall policies
Guidepost for application penetration testing
Risk score based threat visibility
Helps prioritize mitigations.