Compromise assessment involves proactively searching for malware and attackers on your network which may be present for some time. They can silently exfiltrate data, listen patiently to confidential data or scan the network to get credentials strong enough to steal key information.

You should be able to stop majority of the threats by keeping the basic hygiene of your network security by properly implemented Endpoint Security solutions, network security devices, and other security tools. However, once an attacker has sneaked into your network, without getting detected, there is nothing much you can do to stop them.

" 44% financial impact of an undetected data breach to be over half a million dollars "

Service Overview

Zeronsec's Compromise assessment service proactively helps you to protect information assets from a variety of threats. In this advance technical exercise, we use threat intelligence and threat detection algorithms in conjunction with our advanced security analytics platforms to detect variety of threats and attacks. 

" 38% of respondents believe threat hunting is of major importance "

Why Zeronsec?

Zeronsec consultants are the cyber security subject matter experts. They have rich experience and knowledge on attacker's mindset, the tools and techniques they use, and are well aware of the procedures, vulnerabilities, and attack trends. Besides this intelligence, they also have deep understanding of common computer networking technologies and protocols, and operating systems with strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. These skills and knowledge are gained through continuous and concentrated security research, and the experience of helping our customers from different business verticals.

" 39% of emerging and advanced threats are missed by traditional security tools "

Service Features

Our Approch

Value For The Customer

Reduce investigation time and efforts
Help mitigate threats by an improved defence system
Enhance threat response speed
Reduces Cyber security risk and improves security posture
Takes Security Operations to the next level
Bring down False Positives and Improves SOC Efficiency