Wherever data goes, associated risk follows behind. Every organizations irrespective of their size and nature, might have experienced or will experience security incidents and data breaches.

Incident response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the security breaches or attacks. The goal is to handle the situation in a way that minimizes damage and reduces recovery time.

Prioritizing threats requires businesses and information security professionals to make ongoing conscious decisions about what to ignore, and it is often difficult to determine which alarms are low priority versus which of them should be looked into and worked in immediately. They must have the ability to investigate everything which can only be accomplished through automated processes.

" 90% of IT security pros find incident response to be a challenge and 71% say it’s grown more difficult over the past two years, according to a new survey. "

How does EkashaTM Help?

Zeronsec EkashaTM is an enterprise-built security incidents response platform with capabilities for automated actions to resolve the incidents efficiently and effectively. EkashaTM provides analysts with the means to analyse and categorize the incidents with greater context and help respond in near real-time.

Solution For Major Challenges


Incident Detection And Prioritization

Security incidents comes in many forms, not all of them are readily and easily detectable. According to a research, security teams can expect to log almost 17,000 malware incidents in a typical week. That’s 100 alerts per hour. As a result, there is significant delay in incidents prioritization and response planning. Ekasha enables analyst triage alerts with additional context of assets & network, threat intelligence, vulnerabilities and helps taking informed decisions about incident severities and plan the response.


Increasing Resolution

The time to resolve the incidents is rising due to the rise of threats landscape. According to a recent Varizon report, the median time to resolution is more than four days. Ekasha helps you triage the alerts in an efficient manner and allow you to take actions in seconds to resolve the incidents.


Analyst Onboarding and

Entry level security analysts simply don’t have ability to respond to incidents effectively and quickly when they have to follow the manual processes and get used to it. Ekasha helps you define the internal workflow and escalations to define the structure where analysts can investigate the incidents and take immediate actions in collaboration with team members.

Value For The Customer

Integrate Your Tools & Security Services
Track & Measure Your Responses
Ease of Analyst Onboarding
Automate Security Actions
Collaborate for Responses
Respond to Real Threats

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