Today, organizations across the globe are “always-ON” in terms of connectivity and technological advancements. Threats and attackers’ modus operandi therefore, keeps evolving all the time. To deal with it, you need a specific skill-set and the mind-set to think one step ahead of these attackers. This is possible with appropriate use of a set of specialized tools and technologies. However, to achieve this you need a large investment to maintain and manage enterprise-wide cyber security threats in-house. Retention of qualified and trained resource is another challenge.

For every corporate or government organizations it is imperative that they secure every bit of their data to protect their information assets against adversaries such as hackers. Without appropriate security tools and resources, dealing with ever increasing threats, and delay caused in recovering from incidents can consume significant time and costs. Many organizations do not have the capabilities, or time to ensure that their information assets are monitored and required actions are taken.

" Recent study, a report by CompTIA, showed that 46% of managed IT service users have cut their annual IT costs by 25% or more. "

Executive Summary

Zeronsec’s team of experts will help you deal with such situations by managing your cyber security. We take care of your security requirements end-to-end so that your focus is more on your core business. We completely relieve you from the headache of managing and dealing with security threats. This will help you improve the overall Security Posture for your organization, and in turn maximize your ROI.

" In the Forrester research report, migration to a network security (MSSP) provided an ROI of 152%, with total benefits of $1.3 million from cost savings, over 3 years. "

Service Overview

Zeronsec’s Managed Security Services help you protect your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cyber-attacks. Many people still believe that bringing a new technology will help them protect against these threats, but unfortunately only technology is not enough. Protecting information assets is a very complex subject and requires the combination of people, processes, and technology. In fact, the first step towards protecting any information asset requires correct knowledge about the information itself, which can be provided by its owner only. This knowledge helps us customize the processes, procedures, and the technologies to achieve desired results. Our SME’s will defend your information assets with the help of our proprietary technology and well-tailored processes.

We understand the thought process of the attackers. We use world’s best threat frameworks that are developed based on the inputs from security researchers across the world for example, Mitre’s ATT&CK and Lockheed Martin’s cyber kill chain frameworks. We follow them for effective defence against the cyber adversaries. Our tools are also developed in line with these frameworks. This includes AnritaTM, Threat-iTM and EkashaTM.

Our analysts monitor your information assets 24x7 using our own proprietary tools. We customize the tools, aligning them with your use case requirements, and ensure that our security analysts receive correct alerts with actionable intelligence. We also advise our customers to consider additional use cases, which are not part of the out-of-the-box solution, and may help in protecting against specific security threats targeting to their business or industry. Post this, our analysts will assess and analyse the alerts and will follow the security incident response process and take required actions (i.e. Blocking IP on firewall etc.), and communicate them to the stakeholders.

" As per a survey, only 23.2% are actual threats, out of 2.7 billion in cloud services, per month. "

Service Offerings

" In global survey, the major reasons to opt for MSSP include lack of internal skills (31%) and a desire for access to better technology (27%). "


Zeronsec Threat-i Life Cycle

How Do We Do It ?

1. Operational Readiness

  • Business Requirement Mapping
  • Sizing
  • Architecture Development
  • Prioritization
  • Log Source Integration

2. Content Development

  • Use Case Development
  • Alerting Setup
  • Dashboard Design
  • Report Design

3. Security Operations

  • Security Monitoring
  • Security Analysis
  • Incident Response

What Customers Get

  • Cost & Time Optimization

    • No need to buy expensive technology
    • No need to hire your own security staff
    • No time wasted reviewing your logs
    • Optimize your time to focus on your priorities while we take care of your security needs
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructure

    • Easy integration with your existing security devices and SIEM tools (Splunk, ArcSight, LogRhythm, QRadar, AlienVault, etc.)
    • Integration with third-party security devices (Tripwire, Rapid7, anti-DDoS, Operating Systems, etc.)
  • Security Posture Overview and Reporting

    • Holistic view of your cybersecurity maturity
    • Periodic executive reporting with recommendations
    • Strategic risk management advise.
    • Improved alignment of security strategy and business goals
  • Analysis of Large Data Volumes

    • Automated log and security event correlation
    • Custom tailored correlation rules to filter noise and minimize false positives
    • Fine-tuned setting for optimized analysis
    • 2-hour log review guarantee
  • Dedicated Team of Security Experts

    • Extend your in-house IT team with certified security experts
    • Benefit from global security expertise & threat intelligence
    • Get assistance and actionable recommendations from a dedicated Information Security Specialist assigned to your organization
  • Easy and Fast Deployment

    • Streamlined sensor deployment process
    • Optimal service efficiency within about 3 months
    • Smooth configuration and process efficiencies
    • No more time-consuming configuration and fine-tuning of your SIEM
  • Security Information Delivery

    • Dedicated visualizations and alerting views for respective stakeholders for their interest I.e. Senior Management, Middle Management, Technical Teams etc.
    • 360 Degree view of all the systems and information assets for administrator
  • 24x7 Monitoring & Protection for Cyber Attacks

    • Continuous monitoring of your environment
    • Real-time analysis and event correlation
    • Incident response management
    • 2-hour log review guarantee
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements

    • 24/7 log monitoring for PCI DSS compliance
    • Improved alignment with security control frameworks (CIS 20 CSC, NIST, ISO 27001/2, PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA)

Features & Functionalities

  • Core Service Elements (included)

    • 24/7 Real-Time Threat Monitoring
    • Monthly Security Reporting
    • 24/7 Access to SecNalytics® Platform
    • Monthly Service Review Meeting
    • Dedicated Information Security Specialist
    • Secure Communications Channel
    • Secure Retention of Sensible Documents
    • Security Control Integration
    • Business Detection Rule Implementation
    • 2-Hour Incident Escalation Guarantee
    • Control-Based Approach
  • Integration with Existing Infrastructure

    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Penetration Testing
    • AWS & Azure Cloud Workload and Services Monitoring
    • Office 365 Cloud Security Monitoring
    • SWIFT and Core Banking Application Monitoring
    • Compliance Consulting
    • ATM and POS Monitoring
    • Security Platform Management
    • Data Security Consulting & GDPR
    • File Integrity Monitoring
    • DDoS Protection
    • Phishing Protection
    • Intrusion Detection Monitoring

"As per a security research study, more than 40% feel that the alerts they receive lack actionable intelligence."

How are we different?

  • Wait A Minute, Where Are You Going? (Our System To The Packets)

    • Detect and visualize all outbound Malicious communication.
  • Weaknesses In Your Systems And Softwares ? Track Them

    • Full integration with all Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Real-time Dashboards And Reports.
  • First Things First? Wrong. The Most Dangerous Things First.

    • We detect the most dangerous attacks like Ransomwares, Malwares, first, we prioritize, and we remove them immediately.
  • We maximize ROI

    • We help you focus your security initiatives on high-impact strategies that will deliver measurable results without busting your budget.
  • We Don't Leave Anything Unmonitored

    • Attacker can use several Tools Techniques and Procedures to attack various stacks
    • I.e. Endpoints | Servers | Database
  • You Think We Do Magic? No, Actually, It Is Just Pure Analysis, Lots And Lots Of It.

    • We capture and analyse it all
    • Logs
    • Network Flows
    • Packets
    • Configuration Files
    • User Data
  • We Are Confident To Protect You.

    • With our tools / software, experts and services. Yes, everything we use is our own.
  • We Get Lots Of "Thanks A Lot" Because, We "Research A Lot"

    • We have our own in-house Malware Zoo and Threat Research lab to contain various threats we research.
  • We Are Here To Get Them Before They Get You!

    • Our Threat-BASE®, Our Attacker behaviour detection rule base library and Threat- i®, our world class Threat Intelligence will detect even the most sophisticated attacks.
  • We Don't Borrow, We Build Our Own.

    • Ground up, Purpose-built home-grown Tools for Threat Detections, Analysis, Hunting. We train our own Security Analyst on our own Special Skill inhouse Courses
  • No, We Don’t Rely On ‘Others’ To Protect You

    • Weather its Threat Intelligence, Cyber Forensics, Threat Hunting, Compromise Assessment or running your Security Operations to protect you, we do it all ourselves.
  • We Assure You Protection With Simplicity

    • Visualize the complex attacks with our Interactive Dashboards
    • Our Dashboards make it simple to spot the problem.
    • Understand the volume and variety of the attacks.