An IT environment of a kind, from basic internet access and e-mail to fully working cloud and web-based applications will be created for each organisation, often processing sensitive or invaluable information. Any compromises of these systems not only involve breach of the network but also risks unauthorized data access.

If you want to understand more about the vulnerabilities that can possible hit your network(s), the best way is to run a simulation of a real-life attack that tests the effectiveness of your security controls. A Pen Test does exactly the same it involves attack simulations that violate security controls rather than addressing specific vulnerabilities. Penetration testers use a toolkit that includes manual Pen test tools and automated vulnerability scanning tools to detect the gaps in your enterprise applications, Web applications, and network infrastructure.

" 197 days the mean time to identify (MTTI) the data breach
69 days the mean time to contain (MTTC) "

Service Overview

Zeronsec’s Pen Test offerings are categorized as follows:

  • Black box tests : where the penetration tester has no internal knowledge of the target system
  • Grey box tests : where the penetration testers are provided with only limited information about the target environment.
  • White box tests where the penetration testers are given all required information and access to the target systems.

We provide following range of customizable penetration testing services to fulfil customer’s specific requirements.

" 75% of vectors for penetrating network perimeter were caused by poor web application protection "

Assessment type
How it helps
Internal Penetration Tests Simulate an attacker having access to an internal system, including privilege escalation, custom malware installation, or ex-filtration of critical data. Help understand how strong your internal security controls.
External Penetration Tests Discover and exploit system vulnerabilities specific to enterprise applications and services that are exposed to the Internet. Help understand how strong the perimeter security controls are.
Web Application Security Tests Discover the vulnerabilities in the web or mobile applications that can lead to unauthorized access or data leakage Help understand how strong the security controls are in and around the critical web applications. I.e. Authentication, input validation etc.
Wireless Security Audits Test the effectiveness of the security controls of your corporate wireless solution Help understand how strong the Wi-fi security controls are. I.e. data-in-transit security controls, authentication etc

Our Approch

Value For The Customer

Comply with monitoring requirements of regulators and avoid penalties
Protect from security breaches, avoid regulatory fines
Protect customer loyalty, their image and brand identity

Why Zeronsec ?

We leverage the knowledge we gained from our vast experience of security assessments and audits for various clients. We understand client’s objective for the test and their environment prior to the test. Our experts have skills and experience on variety of technologies.