Today’s cyber adversaries have intelligence about the target(s) and good knowledge about advance TTPs (Tools, Techniques & Procedures). With the kind of financial support they have, they are capable of launching extremely sophisticated attacks on their targets. The techniques used are so advanced that not only the end user, but even the implemented security controls cannot detect them.

This is possible because the intelligence these adversaries gather is accurate and precise. With the help of this knowledge they are able to customize their TTPs. The tools are designed and developed in such a way that the attacker’s behaviour or presence remains anonymous or appears absolutely normal within the target’s environment they can remain undetected. Therefore, understanding the attacker’s TTPs and their origins is crucial for detecting threats in your IT environment.

This is where Zeronsec’s Threat Intelligence solutions come into play. We have up-to-date knowledge about the possible threats. We gather high-quality threat intelligence, from reliable sources and sort and enrich the data to make it more meaningful and actionable.

Solution for Major Challenges


Alert Fatigue

Due to huge volumes and complexity of threat feeds, customers find it challenging to cope with them. Threat-i® helps you effectively deal with these threats with built-in features like de-duplication, enrichment and aggregation, enabling you to draw meaningful and actionable intelligence.


Lack of staff expertise

Threat-i® gives you a highly customizable and user-friendly interface that allows even a novice to adapt and learn it in few days.

  • You can integrate Threat-i® with other platforms with ease in a matter of few clicks.
  • It provides you with real-time view of infection(s), on world map, making it easier for your staff to get more insights about the attacker.

Unaware Senior Management

Threat-i® allows you to communicate relevant threat information to your management using customized dashboards, generates reports that are easy to comprehend.


Threat Feeds


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Zeronsec Threat-i Life Cycle

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