Just imagine a situation where your network or application is like a house that has broken windows, and has a malfunctioning lock that allows intruders. You may also have some areas from where information can leak. We will help you identify such gaps and will proactively advise you remedies that will help protect our critical information assets.

Attackers always discover new more advanced ways to exploit vulnerabilities within a corporate network. Since we are information security experts, we are able to think ahead of such attackers, and are able to write algorithms that will secure your critical information assets. The Vulnerability Assessment Service (VAS) is designed to do just this.

"$3.8M The cost of the average data breach to companies worldwide as per Juniper research"

Service Overview

Zeronsec team manages your organization's network inspection sequence and vulnerability assessments. It includes methodologies such as discovering and mapping networks, prioritizing threats, producing reports on vulnerability assessments, and tracking remediation based on security threats that target your various business entities.

The assessment includes a network scan on scoped information assets, which identifies security vulnerability and reports on things such as production servers, enterprise applications, websites, databases, network infrastructure, etc.

"99% of computers are vulnerable to exploit kits. Hackers target out of date versions to launch attack"

Why Zeronsec?

Zeronsec has more than 10 years of rich experience in cyber security and intelligence. We understand both existing and emerging threat actors and their changing tactics, techniques and procedures at large.

Our consultants are the experts in the domain of cyber security having deep understanding of the systems, networks, databases, and web applications and respective vulnerabilities

Our Approch

Value For The Customer

Detect known security flaws proactively before attackers find them.
Quantifies the security risk pertaining to critical information assets.
Helps you to ensure that international and federal regulations are complied with
Define the level of risk that exists on the network.
Protect customer loyalty, their image and brand identity
Help construct asset inventory to assist with upgrade planning and future evaluations.

" 38 The average number of days it took to patch a web application vulnerability regardless of severity "