Innovation and problem-solving are DNAs of our company. Our people work with strong belief that any problem can be solved and any positive meaningful thing can be created.

We take pride in hiring the brightest and most passionate technical staff that brings a rare blend of energy and knowledge to any Information Security area. While our consultants are relentless in identifying your organizational needs, they also spend enough time to understand your particular environment and unique business cases, ensuring that solution strategies are both comprehensive and obtainable. This unique approach has allowed Zeronsec to become first choice of customers for Information Security Consulting services. As Information Security professionals, Zeronsec team members have earned some of the most sought after technical certifications. These include:


Why Us ?

  • Systems thinking - our ability to see how various parts of I.T. interact with the whole (big picture thinking)
  • Our international domain expertise in Enterprise Security Architecture Development
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of hardware, software, application, and systems engineering
  • Our project management, planning, and organizational skills.
  • Quantifies the security risk pertaining to critical information assets.
  • Our customer service orientation.
  • Our knowledge of IT Governance and operations
  • Our knowledge of financial modeling as it pertains to IT investment
  • Our seasoned professionals with Interpersonal and leadership skills like stewardship, facilitation, collaboration, and negotiation.
  • Our ability to simplify and divide a large complex project into small manageable pieces, which makes it easier for non-technical staff to understand and work as well.
  • Our time management and prioritization skills.